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AIRTOWER - A space-saving combination of rotary screw compressor and refrigeration dryer

Technical specification

FADs from 0.233 to 1.145 m³/min
Motor powers from 2.2 to 7,5 kW
Standard pressures 7.5/10/13 bar

KAESER has gone down another new road with the AIRTOWER. The compressor and refrigeration dryer are not enclosed in a common enclosure but both have their own, each fitted with its own control cabinet. This has the advantage that the compressor or dryer can run independently, a fact that makes it possible to service the dryer while the compressor is still running, for example. Despite the compact design, all AIRTOWER models are easily accessible for servicing.

Save energy with the KAESER SIGMA PROFILE
Every KAESER airend is equipped with rotors featuring the energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE. Manufactured according to strict quality standards and supported by precision-aligned roller bearings they guarantee long operational life and outstanding reliability.

The compressor controller is based on a rugged, updateable industrial computer with a real-time operating system. 'Traffic light' LEDs clearly indicate the operational status.

AIRTOWER - example installation
The AIRTOWER is immediately ready for operation by connecting the pressure hose from the ball valve to the air receiver.
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