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[Poland]Condensate Treatment Units

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Technical specification
for compressors of 1 to 90 m³/min capacity

Tested and certified condensate treatment
The Institute of Building Techniques in Berlin has tested and certified the AQUAMAT as meeting the most modern standards of treatment plant. This means utmost reliability and confidence for the user. The AQUAMAT not only reduces waste treatment costs but also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Test set
With this simple set, the quality of the cleaned water can be tested at any time. The set is conveniently stored in the unit cover.

Automatic maintenance indicator
The level sensor clearly indicates the degree of filter contamination so that timely preventive maintenance can be initiated to keep the unit in top functioning condition and save further costs.

Quicker filter changing
The large maintenance cover allows rapid and easy filter changing.

Multiple inlets
Standard equipment allows inlet of up to four condensate lines (from AQUAMAT 2 upwards). Unused connections are blocked off by plastic plugs, which are included in the scope of delivery.
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