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[Poland]Pressure band control

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Power-saving pressure band control
Keeping the compressors working within a narrow pressure band and being able to recognise and accomodate demand trends is the ideal way to avoid unneccessarily high final pressure. Investment is quickly repaid because lowering maximum pressure by just one bar means 6 percent less compressor power consumption and 25 percent less air loss through leaks in the air network.

Simple operation
Logically structured menus in plain text and a number of preassigned function keys simplify parameter settings. Any of 30 languages, including Chinese and Japanese, can be selected on an easily read graphic display with a resolution of 240 x 128 pixels.

EMC inspected
The electro magnetic compatibility of the SAM basic has been inspected as both a passive and an active system and is VDE-certified.

The SAM basic is not particularly choosy about the age of the compressors that make up the “quartet”. The compressors controlled do not have to be of the most modern design to benefit from an ultra-modern air management system.

Coordinated maintenance
Like a good orchestra conductor, the “SAM basic” is concerned with the well-being of its “soloists” and coordinates the maintenance work on the compressors according to their individual needs (maintenance intervals).
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