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Kaeser Kompressoren Sp. z o.o.

[Poland]Space-Saving Compact Blowers

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Delivery: 1.5 to 93 m³/min
Pressure up to 1000 mbar
Vacuum to -500 mbar

Minimal space requirement
Intelligent design allows all service and maintenance work to be carried out either from the top or front of each unit. "Compact" series blowers can therefore be installed directly next to one another. All valves are mounted directly on the blower unit. All pipe connections and cooling air apertures are located at the rear of the unit, which makes side-by-side installation of several packages even easier.
Excellent component accessibility from the front of the unit
– V-belt tensioning device and tension indicator (two-section belt guard for larger units)
– Inlet filter inspection and change
– Motor connection terminal block
– Oil drain and filling plug, oil level inspection

Three-lobe OMEGA block
The high efficiency performance and low pulsation / vibration characteristics of KAESER's OMEGA blocks results from the minimal clearance between the rotors and the casing. This is made possible by the high rigidity of the ultra-precision machined rotors in combination with non-axial loading spur-ground gears.

Automatic tensioning
Optimised belt-tensioning ensures outstanding efficiency and extends belt service life, consequently reducing the need for service and maintenance work.

Oil level inspection at a glance
Large, easy to view sight-glasses enable quick and easy oil level inspection.

Superior cooling
The combination of air ducts in the sound enclosure and powerful fans create a highly efficient cooling system that ensures effective cooling even for frequency-controlled units.

Quiet operation
Anti-vibration pads absorb vibrations before they reach the floor or sound enclosure.

Easy oil change
Drain taps extended to the front of the machine make for easy, clean oil changes.
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