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Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy MET-LAK Jerzy Suchomski

[Poland]Wheel rack for archives

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Dimensions (W x S x G) to 2800 x to 7000 x from 250 to 400

drive Manual level drive, two-step gearing
locking Patent lock in the lever
finish powder paints
use Warehouse, archives, libraires

The sliding metal rack allows for the maximum use of the room space. It is a perfect solution for archiving, which ensures effective use of each space, no matter how small it is.

Shelf dimensions: width - from 750 mm to 1,200 mm, depth - from 250 mm to 400 mm and others. Shelves are mounted on hooks in wall holes and their suspension height is adjustable. The use of the crank mechanism allows for easy control of the rack. The construction of tracks makes it possible to fix sets on every floor.
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Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy MET-LAK Jerzy Suchomski

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