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[Poland]Reinforced Door

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Reinforced external door with tasteful panels resistant to any weather conditions. The distinguishing factor door WX 20 is a relatively low price in relation to the great practical parameters of this product.

Steel door of box construction, accelerated with higher immune anti-burglary system. They are completed with decorative, in natural colors, wooden panels. They are meant for house protecting which are in middle and higher danger of burglary. They usually are used as entrance doors to flats, semi-detached houses and cottages etc. Because of attractive finishing of door’s wings our doors looks like wooden even if they made of steel. You should notice that it is easy to change ornamental panels when they are destroyed or we want to change colors.

Standard equipment:

* • Main Locks - Attested Mortice locks Gerda Zw 1000. Certificate Class C (The highest resistance class to bulglary)
* • Certified europrofile cylinder Gerda WK M3 makes possible 107 600 combinations of key pattern what shows that each cylinder is unique. Certificate Class C.
* • Escutcherous reinforced TD 200, with protection cylinder
* • Additional lock – Certified Morticle Paddlock Gerda ZW 550 - Certificate Class C
* • Cylinder with knob
* • Set of rigid chain (fix to door open to inside or outside the building)
* • Hinge bolts (3 pcs.)
* • Set of adjustable hinges (3 pcs.)
* • Profiled door frame made of top quality steel, galvanized or powder coated in light or dark brown finish.
* • Set of handles with escutcherous
* • Rubber seal
* • Panoramic door viewer

Attests and certificates:

* The Institute if Construction Technology (ITB)
* The Institute of Precision Engineering (IMP)
* State Hygiene Institute (PZH)
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:WX 20
Place of origin:Poland
Price:Ask for price
Quality/Certifications:ISO 9001 : 2000


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