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[Poland]GerdaTytan ZX lock

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Certified surface-mounted GerdaTytan lock range is a result of many years of experience based on advanced technology developed by Gerda.
Due to their technological versatility these locks are suitable (or a variety of applications ranging from front entrance doors to shops, production and storage facilities, offices, etc. and have been well known for their reliability.
All Gerda Tytan locks have achieved burglar resistance class C, which is the highest burglar-resistance class available.

Gerda Tytan lock range is equipped with unique, patented Tytan cylinder system, controlled by a special (pipo-shaped) key. Tytan system provides 4,000,000,000 key code combinations, which makes each Iock unique.
The innovative design of the cylinder allows incorporation of an additional integral lock changing option (Tytan Variant), which enables the user to change the lock code without changing the lock, e. g. in case of key loss. The construction of the lock cylinder also allows Master Key systems designs.
The Gerda Tytan lock range is fully protected against drilling. Two large, steel bolts incorporated roto a rigid casing combined with the side pin protect a correctly installed lock form being praised off the door.
Standard specification of Gerda Tytan ZX, Z2, ZK includes plain keep (lock ZXZ features a bvx keep with a door limiter) and flat stainless steel escutcheons.
Additional features of Gerda Tytan ZX. ZXZ, Z2, ZK locks include: keeps, suitable for different types of doorframes (rebated and non-rebated), concaved escutcheon, semi-concaved escutcheon, weather resistant escutcheon used for applications where the cylinder mechanism is particularly exposed to variable weather conditions and solid elements for fixing of W lock and the keep providing security and comfort of use. The Gerda locks are also available in special finishes, which makes them particulary corrosion-resistant for us in tough weather conditions.
The lockas Tytan: ZX, ZXZ, Z2 come with 1 set of 4 keys, while Tytan ZK comes with a set of 6 keys.
Additional keys to Tytan locks are available only from GERDA Autorised Outlets.
Every lock has a hologram with a number corresponding with the number on the guarantee card hologram, which ensures an accurate identification of product.

The Gerda Tytan ZX lock is a best-seller among the certified surface-mounted locks on Polish security market. It is an universal lock suitable for installation to main doors as well as internat doors. The ZX lock has a deadlocking mechanism, which does not allow the burglar to open the lock from the inside (also available is option with non-deadlocking mechanism). Available finishes: white, brown, graphite and black.

Product guarantee: 12 months.

Attests and certificates:

* British Standard Institute
* The Institute of Precision Engineering (IMP)
* Central Laboratory of Criminology
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:ZX
Place of origin:Poland
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