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Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Importer, Exporter,
Number of employees: Brak danych
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 2010

Medicine, Health & Beauty

Apparel & Fashion

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company_photosDISCOVERY AURAUS
AURAUS was born in a pure and natural country – Australia. The name of “AURAUS” is consisted of the “AURA”, and “AUS” which is the abbreviation of AUSTRALIA. AURAUS means the “AURA OF AUSTRALIA”. It expresses all the pure and natural resources in Australia.

AURAUS uses all the pure and natural resources for its skin care and personal care products. It develops, manufactures and markets products based on its advanced R& D technology. It focuses on innovation, growth, research and development to provide cost-effective therapeutics and cosmetic needs.

Elegance, Happiness, Love
AURAUS is provided with the “Elegance”, “Happiness”, and “Love” to fill in its skin care and personal care products. People can enjoy their elegance, happiness, and love in their life.

AURAUS is Elegance.
AURAUS is Happiness.
AURAUS is Love.

AURAUS provides high design quality, efficient management of production, reasonable prices, and good services.

AURAUS has implemented the use of recycled and recyclable materials for both our product packaging and shipping materials. AURAUS has reduced reliance on natural resources and ensured that our customers have the opportunity to recycle our packaging as permitted in their communities. AURAUS encourages all of our customers to do what they can to respect and preserve our environment.

AURAUS has never tested on animals and never will.

Address data

Street:PO Box 158
Postal code:5038
Phone: +61 430 915595


Contact person

Name and Surname: Sales Manager
Phone: +61 430 915595
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