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Ramhanu International

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[India]Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)

Dear Sir, Our group is one of the leading manufacturer from China for various chemicals including Super Absorbent Polymer the major raw material for Baby Diaper production , Sanitary Napkins and various other uses. Product : High Water Absorbent Resin Also called as Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) Application: mainly use in sanitary napkin, baby diapers , sanitary compound papers. It is also used Incontinent underpads and other non-woven products, sheet for PET,[...]


[India]Agro chemicals and pesticides chemicals from china

Dear Sir, We would like to inform you that ours is a leading chemical manufacturers from china producing various agro chemicals, intermediates, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and exporting to various countries around the world. Dap,Magnesium humate ,Magnesium nitrate MAP, MKP,NPK, TSP ,Seaweed fertilizer Humic acid,Magnesium sulphate ,Potassium carbonate Potassium humate,Potassium nitrate,Potassium sulfate Potassium sulphate ,Sodium humate,Sodium Thiosulphate Zinc sulphate[...]


[India]Thiourea dioxide, Sodium Percarbonate, Melamine, Furfural,Titanium dioxide from china

Dear Sir, Our group from China is a leading manufacturer of various chemicals and exporting high quality products around the globe. Thiourea Dioxide (Formamidinesulfinic acid) Thiourea Thiourea(Thiocarbamide) Thiourea Reduce Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate( 28.5%-30.0%) Sodium Percarbonate Furfural Furfuralcohol Titanium Dioxide Rutile and Anatase grade Melamine Methyl Cellulose(MC) Hydroxythyl Methyl Cellulose(HEMC) Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC) Disodium phosphate[...]


[India]Methyl Paraben , Ethyl Paraben, PCMX, DCMX, Triclosan, Kathon, Allantoin from china

Dear Sir, Our group is reputed manufacturer from China manufacturing and exporting various fine chemicals including Parabens and Sodium Parabens,PCMX,Kathon and Germall, etc. These products are widely used in industry like cosmetics, detergent, food, pharmaceuticals, coating, pulp,rubber and adhesive agent, etc. Antiseptic Methyl Paraben Ethyl Paraben Propyl Paraben Butyl Paraben Iso-Butyl Paraben Sodium Methyl Paraben Sodium Ethyl Paraben Sodium Propyl Paraben Sodium Butyl[...]


[India]Edible oils, seeds, animal feeds, grain, rice, pulses, wheat etc

Dear Sir, We are directly connected seller for supply of Edible oils and vegetables, seeds etc. Origin : Brazil Minimum order 100 Metric tons 1) Canola Oil Crude and Canola Oil Refined 2) Coconut oil Crude and coconut oil Refined 3)Corn oil Crude and Corn Oil Refined 4)Jatropha Oil 5) Palm oil Crude and Palm Oil Refined 6) Refined Palm Kernel Oil 7) Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBD) Palm Oil 8)Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBD) Neutralised, Bleached &[...]


[India]Animal feeds, pulses, grain, wheat, rice

Dear Sir, We are directly connected seller for supply of Animal feeds and other products. Oats Seeds : Oats Kernel, Quick cooking thin oat, Quick cooking thick oat, Feed Oats, Rolled Oats, kiln dried hulled oats,Instant oat flake Grains/Rice : Burma Rice, Vietname Rice Pakistan Rice, Myanmar Rice, Thailand Rice We can supply bulk order also from the seller. We only deal directly with buyers. Wheat : APH 2, APW, ASW, AGP Oil seed : Canola seeds, Linseeds Animal Feeds:[...]


[India]Crude oil, furnance oil, base oil, gas oil, Bitumen, sulphur

Dear Sir, We are directly connected to Seller from Dubai for the supply of following Petroleum products. Furnance Oil Fuel Oil 180 And 380 CST Base Oil All Grades Gas Oil- 0.2%, O.5%, 1.0%, 1.5% Sulfur Contents Bitumen All Grades Crude Oil. RPO (Rubber Processing Oil) Octane and Gilsonite. Sulphur lumps and powder Please send your inquiries with your full contact details, quantity of product, and mode of packing and port of discharge enable us to serve you better. [...]


[India]Maple sugar, Maple syrup, apple syrup, Maple nut pop corn from USA

Dear Sir, We are directly connected to Certified manufacturer from USA for supply the following products. Apple Syrup Our 100% Natural Apple Syrup is made from fresh squeezed apples. All Natural Apple Syrup 12 oz. glass 12 per case Case Dimensions: 12.5”x 8.5”x 8” Each Dimensions: 4”x 1.75”x 7.5” Case Weight: 22 pounds UPC code: 0-30576-10012-5 Maple Sugar Pure Maple Sugar is made from the same, great all-natural, Pure Maple Syrup that we are known for[...]


[India]vanadium pentoxide ,AMMONIUM METAVANADATe from china

Dear Sir, We can supply high purity vanadium pentoxide from ISO certified china manufacturer. Vanadium Pentoxide 98% flake Vanadium Pentoxide 98% powder and also 98.5% can offer Vanadium Pentoxide 99% powder Vanadium Pentoxide 99.5% powder AMMONIUM VANADATE (AMMONIUM METAVANADATE) (CAS No.7803-55-6) Grade- A: 99.5% Grade-B : 99% Grade -C: 98% Please inform us your required quantity and port of discharge enable us to submit the offer. Best Regards, [...]


[India]gold dust and gold bar

Dear Sir, We have firm buyers for any quantity of gold Bar and also Gold dust. Gold Bar: Our buyers prefer Swiss Procedure/Bullion to Bullion offer. We are ready to take any quantity provided the gold must be from Safe Trade Zone and possible to move to buyers ware house with sellers issuing export permit. We needs good discount with clear terms and procedures. Gold Dust : We also looking for our Belgium buyer Gold dust. Seller bring the gold dust 100 Kg or 50 Kg to our[...]