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[Poland]Two-level track for upholstered furniture

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General information :


Application - furniture factories. Trolleys are intended for the interoperational transport of furniture, storage and disposal of finished articles.

The structure of the trolley guarantees saving storage surface - empty trollyes after folding are slipped one into another. The trolley possesses traceless wheels.

Technical data :
Loading height: 300 mm
Distance between levels: 900mm
Wheeled set: 100 mm
Width: 2700 mm
Depth: 950 mm
Height: 1250 mm
Weight: 34 kg
Load-bearing capacity: 300 kg
80% of the storage surface is saved after folding the trolleys
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Additional information:

Price:800 PLN
Delivery time:14 days
Minimum order:1


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Street:Radowita 17
Postal code:61-063
Region:Greater Poland
Phone: +48 061 8768946
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Contact person

Name and Surname: Ruslan Kapral
Phone: +48 61 8768946
Mobile: +48 697530240
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