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[Poland]Protection Against Deformations

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The POLMAST Antiwrapping PM 30095-NC crystallization modifier is designer to prevent deformations in flowerpots from occurring.

The dyeing pigments nucleate polypropylene crystallization to a varying degree, thereby effecting changes in material contractioning and setting off the warping of individual parts and their deformation.

The POLMAST Antiwrapping PM 30095-NC additive balances out the longitudinal and transverse contractions as related to the course of flow, thereby impacting the dimensional stability and deformation removal.
An additional effect is an increased production efficiency to 30% at 2% dosing level.

The benefits of application:
* Reduced number of defective products in connection with deformations
* Shortening of the production cycle times
* The same cycle Times for different dyeing pigments
* Increased production efficiency

POLMAST Antiwrapping PM 30095-NC is shipped in normalized and palletized 25 kg sacks.
Per customer order, the package weight can be modified.

The suggested storage time is 3 months.
The PM 30095-NC product should be stored in a cool and dry place.
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