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[Poland]The Credit Card Authorisation System

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The Credit Card Authorisation System - similar to the IPPS system, makes it possible to make a payment on the phone with the aid of the so-called "human factor" without disclosing critical data which is especially protected in the authorisation process, i.e. credit card numbers. The IVPS system is a technological and functional integration of the IIPS and IPPS systems (including all the above features), the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) and the WebCTI system (an IT solution created by Webtel Sp. z o.o. designed for the integration of computer systems with telecom servers - class CTI (information and communication technology infrastructure).

An employee in charge of the gathering and verification of data vital to the verification process is authorised only to collect address and order data. The "human factor" does not participate in the process of receiving payment or entering the credit card number. This takes place through the IVR system (interaction between the system and the customer through the activation of the number buttons, e.g. the phone buttons - DTMF signals), which considerably improves data security and boosts customer confidence.

Main applications:
o Call Centre (Contact Centre)
o customer support centres (departments)

The above features of the Credit Card Authorisation Systems reveal significant differences between them, taking into account the principal set of functional processes connected with the gathering and validation of the data necessary for authorisation procedures.

These differences condition the range of application of individual solutions and are necessary to tailor the Webtel product offer to the various and constantly evolving needs of customers and partners.

Architectural and technological concepts employed during the phase of analyses and planning of a project provide the possibility of development and reconstruction of a product. They make it possible to adapt a product to the various realisation criteria, which results in customer satisfaction and stability and the efficiency and reliability of the products offered by Webtel.
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