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[Ukraine]fast prepeared kasha, cereal breakfast

fast prepeared kasha is a product, produced by extrusion system from the high quolity Ukrainian raw materials and made from 100% whole grain - and nothing else[...]


[China]Newaycee(TM) Vitamins Jelly Candy - The Best Choice for Children's

Newaycee – Vitamin Jelly Candies Our first development product line of Newaycee’s – Fortified Vitamin Jelly Candies (Gummies). It is a range of dietary supplement products targeted for the children market in everywhere. The three types of vitamin jelly candies are: ◇ Vitamin C Jelly Candies ◇ Multivitamin Jelly Candies ◇ Milk Nutrients Jelly Candies After an extensive market research, we have decided to select vitamin jelly candies as our launch products into the Children’s[...]