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[China]Microprocessor Control Flammable Gas Detector with Solenoid Valve

Microprocessor Control Flammable Gas Detector with Solenoid Valve Gas Controller The product is wall mounted gas detector with high stability. It is used for detecting leaking gas. Advanced semiconductor sensor is adopted to ensure high stability and long life. It is convenient for mounting. The product is suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, hotels, markets, boarding house and hazardous areas indoors and outdoors where combustible gas is produced. Main Features: 1. high sensitivity[...]


[China]Solar Powered Active Wireless Infrared Detector Perimeter Protection Courtyard Security

Solar Powered Active Wireless Infrared Detector Perimeter Protection Courtyard Security On Spot Alarm Siren and Strobe Functions of the Solar power wireless siren & Strobe: 1. It can receive 433.92 Compatible detectors signal and make spot siren & Strobe alarm(high power LED lighting). 2. It can auto learn 32 433.92MHz compatible detectors, fencing, lighting wall, beams and remotes signals. 3. Alarm Sound can be selected. 4. Receiving Distance: 300 meters in open area. 5. Alarm Sound:[...]


[China]Gillette fusion 8's

MSN ; Skype tina-supa Email: We can Suppler : Gillette razor blade Gillette fusion ; Gillette fusion power Gillette march 3 gillette march3 power gillette march3 turbo gillette proglide Gillette venus Gillette sensor[...]


[China]Gillette fusion power 8's EU Russian , Polish Versions

Please feel free to contact Website '; We are the manufactuer of gillette razors and oral B toothbrush head in China, our razor are in high quality and Good price. We only do the Grade AAA quality razors, not the poor quality. because we are looking for long term business not just one. And all of our razor blade in the original carton box . Such as the Gillette Mach3,Mach3 Turbo,M3 Power ,Fusion ,Fusion Power ,Venus,Sensor ,Sensor[...]


[China]Gillette march3 Russian Version

Mach 3 2s (Russia Arabic ) Mach 3 4s ( euro Russia Arabic ) Mach 3 8s ( euro Russia Arabic AsiaPacific version ) Mach 3 turbo 2s (Arabic Russia ) Mach 3 Turbo 4s ( euro Russia Arabic ) Mach 3 turbo 8s euro Russia Arabic AsiaPacific version ) Mach 3 power 4s /8s (russian Euro version) Mach 3 5s (russian EURO version) Mach 3 turbo 5s( russian euro version) Mach 3 Power 5s (Russian euro Version) MSN ; Skype tina-supa Email: We can Suppler[...]


[China]EAS label

Price list of EAS SoftLabels E-330 30×30mm(1.18×1.18inch) 0.021usd/pcs E-730 30×40mm(1.18×1.57inch) 0.015usd/pcs E-740 40×30mm(1.57×1.18inch) 0.012usd/pcs E-760 50×50mm(1.97×1.97inch) 0.021usd/pcs E-750 32×58mm(1.26×2.28inch) 0.02usd/pcs E-728 Φ40mm(Φ1.57inch) 0.015usd/pcs Attention: minimum order: 100000pcs labels include Barcode,Plain White, Deactivate, Non-Deactivate. All prices are in U.S.Dollars and are fob shanghai prices. Forlarge orders, we can offer you[...]


[Taiwan]Hand Held Cellular Phone Jammer

Specification 01. (a)tx frequency 845 ~ 975 MHz 02. (b)tx frequency 1785 ~ 2000 MHz 03. (c) tx frequency 2100 ~ 2180mhz 04. Cover interface standards: Amps, n-amps nmt, tacs, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, iden, umts. 05. Output power(a) +25dbm 06. Output power(b) +25dbm 07.. Output power(c) +25dbm 08. Battery: Ni-mhbattery dc12v/1600ma/h 09. Continue using time 90 minute. 10. First time battery charge need 2 hours up. 11. Dimension110mm(h).62mm(l).30mm(d) not include antenna. 12. Weight300g 13. Jamming[...]


[Taiwan]Hand Held Bug Jammer

01. (a)tx frequency 895/900 ~ 1000 mhz 02. (b)tx frequency 1195/1200 ~ 1300 mhz 03. (c) tx frequency 2395/2400 ~ 2500mhz 04. Output power(a) +25dbm 05. Output power(b) +25dbm 06. Output power(c) +25dbm 07. Battery: Ni-h battery dc12v/1600ma/h 08. Continue using time 90 minute. 09. First time battery charge need 2 hours up. 10. Dimension110mm(h).62mm(l).30mm(d) not include antenna. 11. Weight 300g 12. Jamming range radius 8 ~ 10 m 13. Can oem or odm for specially request.[...]


[Taiwan]Cellular Phone Jammer of camouflage version

The device camouflage look like the panel antenna or WiFi outdoor device.We offer cellular phone jammers transmits power radio signals to cut off communications between cell phones and cell base stations. It does not interfere with any communication. Other than cellular phones within the defined regulated zone. Provide four tx frecuency 869-880 MHz 925-960mhz 1805-1850mhz 1900-1990mhz 2000-2100mhz Power output EIRP 37W Area covered:40~60 meters (at -80db) Gw:3.0kg Dimensions:270*[...]


[Taiwan]Cellular Phone Jammer 32W

Covering range: Up to 50 -100meter diameter Dimension:308mm(L)186mm(W)53mm(H) Unit colour: Black Frequency jamming band: All kind of band (gsm, CDMA, TDMA, smr, cellular pcs, amps) One year warranty Applications Churches, library, theaters, concert halls, lecture rooms, meeting rooms, bank, financial institutions et Apply high gain patch antenna. diameter Dimension:308mm(L)186mm(W)53mm(H) Unit[...]