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[China]Toilet Roll Machine/Toilet Paper Machine/Toilet Paper Rewinder(máquina del papel higiénico)

full-automatic Toilet Roll Machine/Toilet Paper Machine/Toilet Paper Rewinder Full-automatic Rewinding Embossing Perforating Toilet Paper Machine can realize automatic replacement of paper tube(or coreless automatic roll paper), automatic spraying of glue, trimming, improve product quality. Each piece of machine can produce rolled toilet paper(toilet paper roll) with core inside it, or can produce coreless Toilet Paper Roll; each piece of machine can be equipped with 1 set of embossing roller(so[...]


[China]Napkin Paper Machine/Table Napkin Machine/Serviette Tissue Machine(Máquina de papel de la servillet)

Napkin Paper Machine/Table Napkin Machine/Serviette Tissue Machine/Napkin Tissue Machine This machine can print, emboss and automatically fold the rolled paper which is cut well into square or rectangular Napkin Paper. Can add colors related water ink printing system for printing diversified fine pattern, brand, with its characters of clear and bright printing, exact overprint, high speed and stable running, is preferred equipment for processing fine quality napkin paper. Color-printing Napkin[...]


[China]Napkin Tissue Machine/napkin tissue equipment/napkin paper folder/napkin tissue folding machine

Napkin Paper Machine/Table Napkin Machine/Serviette Tissue Machine/Napkin Tissue Machine/napkin tissue equipment Color-printing Napkin Paper Machine is to add the function of color-printing based on ordinary embossing Napkin Paper Machine, has single color printing or multi-color printing, can, as per requirement, print fine pattern with different color. To print color pattern, company trademark,telephone no.,etc on the surface of napkin paper. Technical Parameters: Equipment name:Color-printing[...]


[China]Semi-automatic Toilet Roll Machine/Toilet Paper Rewinder/toilet paper machine in China

Semi-automatic Rewinding Embossing Perforating Toilet Paper Machine/Toilet Roll Machine/Toilet Paper Rewinder Semi-automatic Rewinding Embossing Perforating Toilet Paper Machine, is ideal equipment for manufacturing Toilet Paper Roll with Core. Technical Parameters Machine Model:LM-BFJ-1092/1575/1880 Jumbo Roll Paper size:≤1100mm Power required:2.2 kw Processing Capacity for semi-automatic rewinding embossing perforating toilet paper machine:90~125M/Minute Main Machine size for[...]


[China]Toilet Roll Cutter/Cutting Machine/Band Saw Style Cutting Machine(for toilet paper roll) /Band Saw

Toilet Roll Cutter/Cutting Machine/Band Saw Style Cutting Machine(for toilet paper roll) Band Saw style Cutting Machine(for toilet paper roll) This machine is to cut long Toilet Paper Roll produced by rewinding perforating toilet paper machine into required short Toilet Paper Roll(finished product). Technical Parameter Machine Model:LM-DQ-4500 model Name remark:band saw style cutting machine Power required:1.1kw Voltage for band saw style cutting machine:380V Main Machine size:900[...]


[Israel]Semi-Automatic Toilet Paper machine -Rewinder Tissue converting

Semi Automatic Rewinder machine convert jumbo (industrial) toilet rolls into small toilet paper rolls, kitchen towels and bed sheets for house hold & hospital and other uses. - All the machines are with perforation & standard embossing. - We produce the Rewinder machine in widths of 2700 mm 2300mm Or other size- up to the clients request. 2300 mm Rewinder can produce around the 35.000 pcs per 8 hours. 2700 mm Rewinder can produce around the 45.000 pcs per 8 hours - The weight[...]


[China]Industrial cardboard press machine

Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co., The cardboard machine factory.The cardboard press machine used to suppress various specifications format and thickness of industrial ash,Paperboard,cardboard sheeting,cardboard footwear material,such as insulating cardboard.[...]


[India]Flexo Printing Machine

SENIOR Corrugation printing machine, Board Printer, Corrugated Printing Machine, Flexo printing machine, Carton Printing Machine SENIOR Flexo Printer is designed to help corrugated box manufacturers to keep pace with the demand for sharp and excellent printing on corrugated boxes. Incorporating the latest technology, Flexo Printer prints better and dries faster resulting in increased production.The transfer of image is accomplished through Rubber/Nylon/Photo polymer Stereo of 2.8 mm/4.7[...]


[China]Multifunctional Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machine (QFJ1100-2800

Brief Introduction: It is used to slit and rewind materials from 50gsm to 800gsm in thickness, such as various paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, lamination material, and monolayer aluminum foil so on. It adopts duoble Emerson Frequency Inverter system(PLC) and it has features of photocell tracing system, (hydraulic rectification system is available), automatic loading system, precision and high speed etc. Main Technical Parameters: Main Motor Power: 3-15 KW Torque Motor: 40-100 N/m Slitting[...]


[China]Automatic Sheeting Machine (DFJ600-1600B Type)

1. Use&feature: This machine is adapted to slit and sheet of the color printing complex film and paper rolling materials. With the machine, power, liquid, gas together, it has the features of synchronous generator (or actuating motor) controlling fixed length cut, electrooptical system tracing modification, rolling material hydraulic power hoist, operating platform automatic ascent and descent, automatic paper arrangement, high Precision and easy operation, etc. 2. Main technical parameters:[...]