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[China]4-color 4 station screen printing machine

Feature: 1.4 Color steel press with stand. 2.Rotating base and brass bushings. 3.Consistent front, back, left, right, high and low makes it easy use for multiple color prints. 5.There is literally no maintenance. 6.The head comes assembled & ready to attach to the base. 7.Location lock that helps lock the arm in place while in the printing position. 8.All Tubular Steel Construction. 9.Adjustable Screen Tension Hold Down. Parameter Color: 4 color station: 4 station Plate[...]


[China]Multifunctional Large Capacity Sample Dyeing Machine

Multifunctional Large Capacity Sample Dyeing Machine (Capacity For Dry Cloth: ≤10g, 200g-5000g) This machine (XW-DGR Series) is successfully developed according to the customers' requests after solving a lot of technological difficulties. It adopts the intelligent computer to control water or heat-conductible oil, which increases and decreases the temperature of dye liquor. The dye liquor not only rolls radially, but also flows axially. It can do the dyeing tests under each temperature from[...]


[China]Silk Sample Dyeing Machine

Silk Sample Dyeing Machine --Normal Temperature Sample Dyeing Machine Model XW-SQR Silk Sample Dyeing Machine is the new machine model successfully developed according to the special requests of silk fabrics sample dyeing and combining the advantages of up-and-down moving type and revolving type machine. While working, the fabric acts with the complex movement of up-and-down moving and revolving contrasted to the dye liquor. Using this machine can make the difficult silk sample dyeing much easier.[...]


[China]Water-Bathing & Circular Flat Moving Type Sample Dyeing Machine

Water-Bathing & Circular Flat Moving Type Sample Dyeing Machine China Patent: ZL01234495.8 Though this machine has the similar price with the oscillating-type sample dyeing machine, it achieves the effect of even dyeing that the oscillating-type machine can not, and it has the environment-protecting characteristics of little vibration and little noise. Water as heating medium,the machine adopts circular flat moving form, and controls the temperature by numeral temperature-controlling[...]


[China]Metal Heat-Conduct Sample Dyeing Machine

Metal Heat-Conduct Sample Dyeing Machine China Patent No.: ZL03112911.0, ZL03220189.3 Metal Heat-conduct Sample Dyeing Machine, the latest product developed independently by us and originally in the world, which functions just like a revolving electric pressure rice cooker, has changed the heating mode to dye liquor from convection heat-conduct (glycerine, water), electromagnetic radiation heat-conduct (infrared ray) to direct heat-conduct. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of[...]


[China]Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine

Infrared Sample Dyeing Machine China Patent:ZL99227094.4 Series XW-HWR infrared sample dyeing machine, developed successfully by ourselves, is the original product of high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and advanced patent. The machine has the advantages of fine reappearance and low liquor ratio 1:5 with level dyeing. There is no lampblack pollution,so the working place will be tidier. Using this machine can not only save about 50% electricity, but also[...]


[China]rotor for Elitex BD/BT spinning machinery

rotor cup treatment: anodize. rotor bearing: 40000rpm, 60000rpm, 80000rpm For Elitex BD200R/RC/RN/S/SN, BDA10N, BD20N, BDSI, BDA, etc.[...]


[China]Compact spinning

1. 26USD/spindle: Front Roller and Bearing made in china 2. 36USD/spindle: Front Roller and Bearing made in Germany[...]



Model:SA-860N Item: Cloth Automatic Cutting Machine Feature: (1)Wireless design: Avoid the wire cut off during working. (2)Safety and convenient. (3)LED digital display. (4)Pilot lamp display. (5)Easy to operate. (6)Cut neat. [...]


[Taiwan]S100 Fabric cutting machine

Model: S100 Item: Fabric Automatic Cutting Machine Feature: (1)No use sewing machine oil as lubricant! (2)Cutting accurate. (3)Easy to operate. (4)Safety cover design. Function: (1)Setting the numbers of cutting length & quantity. (2)Automatic cut to length. (3)Automatic stop when quantity runs out.              (4)To cut textiles, plastic sheet, leather belt, ribbon and other materials[...]