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[China]Opening Roller for open end spinning

ROLLER HEAD DIA: 65mm, 75mm, 80mm TYPE: OK40, OK36, OK37, OK61, OK74, OS21, OB20,ETC. SPEED: 5000RPM, 5500RPM, 6000RPM, 6500RPM, 7000RPM, 7500RPM, 8000RPM, 8500RPM, 9000RPM. FOR OPEN END SPINNING MACHINERY: ELITEX BD200RN/SN, BDA10/20, D1,D2, RIETER BT902/905, BT923, RIETER INGOLSTADT RU04,11,14, RIETER R1, R20,SAURER BD D30, ETC.[...]


[South Korea]mixed function coiling device

Fantastic Nanoteck coiling device which can do beading, taping and coiling as same as mixed head function does. The best solution for value added without buying new machine. You can have mixed function like beading, taping, coiling with it. Any brand,Any year, Any heads... no problem at all. Even no need to connect with main machine's CPU at all. Our newly developed controller will do all necessary works automatically. It's like a magic!!!! Additionally, it's bigger bobbins are using than[...]


[Taiwan]Shoe Repair Machine

Single needle lockstitch cylindrical bed machine for sewing or repair extra heavy materials(leather, rubber, plastic, canvas) - shoes, slipper, bag or any cylindrical goods. Also suitable for all kinds of shoes repair work in the shoemaker workship.[...]


[Taiwan]Fagoting Zigzag Industrial Sewing Machine

Features: ◎Underwear, corsets, medical & sports wear, waistband...etc. ◎Fagoting, 3-step zigzag & scallop, max. pattern width 8mm. for joining the materials of corsets. ◎Speed depends on the materials and the type of operation. Two Cam No.411195 & No.411196 for different stitch pattern are optional.[...]


[Taiwan]Feed off the Arm Lower Feed Zig-zag Industrial Sewing Machine

Single needle, Drop Feed, Lockstitch, Large Hook. Applications: 1. For sewing medium to heavy weight materials, cylindrical objects, bags, sports shoes, surfing suits, boots, sports goods, sails, tarpaulins,garments, stretchable materials, rubber coated cloth, leather goods, & joining multi-layer pieces. (seamless sewing) 2. Particularly well suited for difficult proceeding material, such as slippery surfaces, flexible or adhesive materials. 3. 2-step, 3-step zig zag sewing enhance power[...]


[China]Polyester Staple Fiber Production Line

Raw Material: Regenerated Polyester chips: PET bottle flakes(white, blue, green, mixed color), PET granule, PET x-ray flakes, PET lump, PET pop corn, PET waste filament.PET virgin chips. To Produce: Solid Fiber, 3-dimensional Hollow Spiral Crimple Fiber(Hollow conjugate fiber), Multi-hollow(4, 7, 9, 10, 12 hole). Capacity: 3000mt/a; 4000mt/a; 6000mt/a; 8000mt/a; 10000mt/a; 12000mt/a; 15000mt/a; 30000mt/a[...]


[China]PP Spunbonded Nonwovens Production Line

To Produce: PP Spunbonded Nonwovens Capacity: 1500mt/a(width:1.6m) 2500mt/a(width:2.4m) 3500mt/a(width:3.3m)[...]


[Taiwan]Cylinder Bed Zigzag Industrial Sewing Machine

Applications: 1.For sewing medium to thick fabrics,bags,attachecases,shoes,sports shoes, caps, gloves, canvas, tent, garments,golf gloves, surfing suits, sports goods, sofa, leather & cylindrical products. 2.opened-cover is convenient for maintenance. 3.2-step, 3-step Zig-zag sewing enhance power of stitch. 4.Stitch width: 8mm 5.Stitch length: 6mm 6.Presser height:9-13mm 7.Needle:DPx17 #14~#22[...]


[South Korea]Used Textile Machinery Dealer

Dear Sir, We Deal Following New And Used Machinery: NOW WOVEN MACHINERY. FEHER NEEDLE PUNCHING MACHINE. AND OTHERS. 1.Ultrasonic & heater hot-fix setting machine NMI3030S 2. Manual hot-fix machine NMI2010S 3. Automatic pearl setting machine NMI4040S SPANGLE PRESS MACHINE AND MOULDS. SCHIFFLI 15 OR 21 YARD .Schiffli Embroidery machine 15Yard. SAURER 4040 embroidery machine. Saurer 2040 embroidery machine.Hiroka embroidery machine. Zangs embroidery machine.Lasser[...]


[China]Dual/ Two color Injection Molding Machine

Dual-color Injection Molding Machine 1. It applies main and side two injection unit. Two screws are controlled by professional computer procedure to realize simultaneous or alternative injection. Different patterns can be molded. 2. It’s used to produce sandwich injection parts that lower the production cost. 3. The machine is widely used to process dual color injection molding. Plastic materials like PP, PE and PS etc. Ningbo Kingway Machinery Co., Ltd Technical parameter Item [...]