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[Italy]Digital vacuum gauge

The new VM202 Vacuum gauge is an instrument suitable for hot-filament Pirani heads. The product has been engineered for high reliability and friendly using in the field of the refrigeration industries. It can tolerate large supply voltage variation and display features; both numeric and bargraph readouts. The VM202’s outputs comprise four isolated contact pairs: two for the high and low vacuum thresholds, one multi purpose and one for the timing of a solenoid valve. A special support[...]


[China]Desiccant air dryer

Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer (heatless purge and externally heated purge) 1). Heatless purge desiccant air dryer Inlet temperature: 0~45ºC Inlet oil content: ≤0.01ppm Working pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa Dew point: ≤-20ºC~-70ºC Purge air: ≤12% Desiccant: activated alumina & molecular sieve Purge mode: heatless purge Working method: continuing alternation between two towers Working periods: T=10~20min. Control mode: micron computer auto controlling[...]


[China]Oil water separator

Inlet pressure:0.2~1.0Mpa Inlet temperature:≤5ºC~65ºC Initial pressure drop:≤0.005Mpa Filter route:5um Water removal rate:≥99% Outlet air oil content:≤10ppm[...]



Complete set : # compressor, # pressure tank, # dryer. screw compressor type-bs-50 producer: Hpc Engineering Ltd England production year: 1984 mileage: 31.000 h. constant work pressure: 7,5 bar - max 10 bar efficiency: 5 m3/min power: 30kw supply: 380/400v 3-fazy blok Kaesser pressure tank type 570 producer: A.j.metal Products England production year: 08.2000 capacity: 570 cm3 work pressure: 11 bar max air temp.: 85°c dryer type De-106 producer: Ase Italy production[...]


[Italy]Vacuum pumping group

New POLO Vacuum pumping group composed by: 1. Vacuum pump (displacement from 10m3/h to 21m3/h - 170 l/m to 350 l/m) 2. Digital vacuum gauge for the indication of the level of vacuum; 3. Pirani head; 4. Exhaust filter to trap the oil moixture; 5. Condensate separator to protect the vacuum pump from the water vapor; 6. Special flanges with pirani port and connection for two pipes to make vacuum at the same time to two units.[...]


[China]industrial air compressor

manufacturer of screw air compressors of a wide range of capacity and power. 1. Success Engine air compressor have got ISO9001,CE,ASME,UL certificates and are exported to many countries, such as England, Italy, Canada, USA, Russian and so on 2. Success Engine air compressor power: 4---500kw (5---700HP); Pressure: 6----15bar. We also supply VSD air compressor (Variable Speed Drive), special air compressor, air compressor system, its auxiliary facilities (air dryers, filters and[...]


[China]Silent Oilless Air Compressor ( DA7001 )

MODEL: DA7001 Power: 1.0HP (735W) Air Displacement: 152L/min (5.4CFM) FAD@4BAR: 80L/min (2.9CFM) Noise: 55dB(A)/40” Tank: 38L (the color is optional) Pressure: 116psi Cylinder Diameter: 63.7mm Stoke: 17mm Weight: 32kgs Dimension: 46x46x70cm Packing Size: 55x55x75cm[...]


[China]Silent dental oil free aircompressor

MODEL: DA5001 Power: 3/4HP (550W) Air Displacement: 115L/min (4.1CFM) FAD@4BAR: 60L/min (2.1CFM) Noise: 53dB(A)/40” Tank: 25L (the color is optional) Pressure: 8Bar Cylinder Diameter : 63.7mm Stoke: 13mm N.W.t: 24.5kgs G.W.: 30KGS Dimension: 40x40x55cm Packing Size: 50x50x65cm[...]


[China]Dental oilless compressor with dryer and silent cabinet

MODEL: DA5001DC Power: 3/4HP (550W) Air Displacement: 115L/min (4.1CFM) FAD@4BAR: 60L/min (2.1CFM) Noise: 45dB(A)/40” Tank: 25L (the color is optional) Pressure: 8Bar Cylinder Diameter : 63.7mm Stoke: 13mm N.W.: 45kgs G.W.: 63KGS Dimension: 61x71x75cm[...]


[Taiwan]submersible roots blower

Submersible roots blower prevent second social effect of pullution, noiseless and extending machine life-span. Features: 1. Quietness : Because of its submergibility under water, so there will be not much noise from the machine when in use. 2. No need of a silencer : Because of its under water, the created noise will be very low, so there will be no need to do silencer. Under-water can mean space-saving. 3. Strong structure, Be relieved : The direct connect between the motor and the blower can[...]