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[Poland]centrifugal bushings - bronze, brass, aluminium, steel, iron, lead, zinc

centrifugal bushings - bronze, brass, aluminium, steel, iron, lead, zinc. Cast Steel. Stainless Steel Castings. 316, 304, 305. Runner Blades for Water Turbines. Hydro Power Castings. G-X5CrNi13 4, 1.4313. CA6NM, 304L, CF3, Ductile Iron. SOBOWIDZ Ferrous & Non-Ferrous FOUNDRY. Pump Impellers. Ship Propellers. Boat Props. Blades. G-X5CrNi 13 4, 1.4313. CNC Machining. Ni-hard. SG Iron. Ni-resist. D5. No-Bake Foundry. GJS 400-18LT, 500-7, 420-12. Exhaust Manifolds. Mining. Hadfield. Counterweights.[...]


[China]Aluminium master alloy

Aluminium master alloy: Al-Ti-B,Al-Sr,Al-Ti,Al-B,Al-Ti-C,Al-Si Shape:coil,stick,rod,waffle,ingot,pillet,piglet Packing:1ton/pallet,21-25tons/container applicatioin enhance the process or improve the performance characteristics of castings for the aluminum industries. Grain Refiners Grain refiners containing titanium (with or without boron) control the structure and dispersion of individual crystals in metals to produce finer grain sized castings. They provide consistent improved[...]


[China]5% titanium 1%boron aluminium alloy (AlTi5B1)

Aluminium based master alloy 5% titanium 1%boron aluminium alloy (AlTi5B1) Shape:coil,stick,rod,ingot,waffle,piglet,pillet Packing:1ton/pallet,21-25tons/container[...]


[China]10% strontium aluminium alloy AlSr10

10% strontium aluminium alloy AlSr10 grain modifier Shape:waffle 8kg,piglet,pillet(100g,200g,400g) Packing:1ton/pallet,21-25tons/container[...]


[China]50% silicon aluminium alloy AlSi50

50% silicon aluminium alloy AlSi50 Shape:strip plate Packing:1ton/pallet,21-25tons/container[...]


[China]3% boron aluminium alloy AlB3

3% boron aluminium alloy AlB3 Shape:waffle plate 8kg/pc Packing:1ton/pallet,21-25tons/container[...]


[China]10% aluminium titanium alloy AlTi10

10% aluminium titanium alloy AlTi10 Shape:waffle Packing:1ton/pallet,21-25tons/container[...]


[India]Slag Conditioner

Slagex - slag conditioner is used in the Furnace , Transfer Ladles and Tundish to produce cleaner steel. It is used to coagulate the slag and reduce sulphur in one simple application. It is a low density material with simple and easy application process. Advantages : 1. Simple and easy application process 2. Fast and Easy removal of slag saving time and money 3. Reduction of metal loss in slag 4. Removal of non metallic inclusions in the metal 5. Reduction of Sulphur in metal 6. Increase[...]


[India]Slagex Ph3040 De-phosphoriser

Slagex Ph3040 – Dephosphoriser is a low density material used in the Furnace while charging, to reduce the flow of impurities in the molten metal. It melts, mixes, and reacts with the liquid metal, reducing phosphorus and other non-metallic inclusions. It has a very simple and easy application process. Advantages: 1. Reduction of Phosphorous and Sulphur in the metal 2. Easy Slag coagulation over liquid metal in furnace 3. Easy removal of slag in furnace 4. De slagging time is reduced 5. Simple[...]


[China]Investment stainless steel casting parts

We could supply Stainless steel ANSI304,316 investment casting parts, if you will need these parts,please contact us with you part drawings, material standard,and quantity for our offering references.[...]