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[Russian Federation]Believe, you too can earn the Large Money!

Believe, you too can earn the Large Money! No. The very large Money! You need to apply in own practice a principle преумножения of efforts! * In what essence of this principle? * How him(it) to use? * How to become финансово the independent man? * How to create the business? On these and other questions search for the answers in film submitted below. See the offered material and discuss with us opportunities of participation in business. If you[...]


[Pakistan]Rock Salt Lamps & Other Salt Products

We are the Exporter's of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, Salt Bath Chunks, Bath Tiles, Salt Soap, Tea light Candle Holders Etc and General Trade Items. We have complete and comprehensive arrangements and facilities to promote our Business. We are capable to Export / Supply General Trade Item, also, in short times. We do business on long term basis with quality assurance. Quality, Reliability and Dependence shall be of our customer in the whole range of products and services provided by our[...]


[Poland]Physioactive Bath

Physioactive Bath is a natural source for youth and health for human body. Having features of traditional peat bath, the physioactive ones is proprly adjusted for home use. It contains condensed peat extract with multiplied amount of carious acids and mineral salt, which give brown colour to the bath, and leave no solid elements of peat. when heated, all precious elements of the physioactive bath are easily assimilated, and make skin very smooth, free of toxins, restore its proper functions and healthy[...]


[Poland]Peat Therma

Peat Therma is a concentrate of active substances specially isolated from properly selected peat. The substances are easily assimilated by human organism in increased temperature. Peat compress have very good influence on kinetic system of the human body, muscles and joint strains. It effectively reduces tension and stress. Peat bath is excellent in removing toxins from human organism.[...]



To fight the obecity: detoxicate diets fitness exercises at the court balneology massages & sauna. walking on the special walking routes as reflection therapy When we improve fitness of our body we organize: 20-30 km cycle tours aerobic exercises we also organize terapeutic meetings with diete food[...]


[Poland]BIOLOGICAL REGENERATION Massages and other treatments use in our clinik: 1. Balneology department: feet and hands rotary streams Scotish whips Brine baths underwater sine massage Sauna Overcoating and needling baths 2. Electrotherapy and color therapy. 3. Exercises and body building gym. 4. Breath exercises with meditation. 5. Physiotherapy galvanization and electron impact ionization dynamic current Traberta i Kotz'a current TENS interpherence current ultrasound [...]


[Italy]Daily Nutrition

Tahitian Noni® Hoa® Complete utilizes the latest supplement technology with our proprietary SmartCaps™ delivery system. Each capsule is released at the right time in the right place for optimal absorption. This system also protects nutrients from passing through the stomach without being utilized. This is a feature you won’t find in many other nutritional supplements. 60 capsules. How to use: Take two of each capsule with juice or water once a day, preferably before a meal. Key Ingredients: Hoa[...]



Octacosanol has the obviously anti-weary effect, already demonstrating the unique charm in the food industry, the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry as well as the correlative industry. Extract from sugar cane wax. Soluble in Chloroform, Petroleum Ether, Ethanol ,Acetone, Ethyl ether, Benzene, Toluene .Not soluble in water. Situated in Xi'an Hi-tech Development Zone, Xi’an Sino-herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter specialized in pharmaceutical raw materials[...]



Emodin performances very strong bacteriostasis properties, it functions mainly via inhibiting the biosynthesis of nucleic acid and bacteria’s breath process. Extract from polygonum cuspidatum root. Soluble in alcohol, and slightly in the Ether, Chloroform, Benzene, not dissolving in water. It reveals the cherry-red in the caustic alkali aqueous solution, the sodium carbonate solution or the ammonia solution. Situated in Xi'an Hi-tech Development Zone, Xi’an Sino-herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd.[...]


[China]Tanshinone ⅡA

It functions for the obvious anti-inflammation property and has been widely used in coronary disease treatment. Extract from salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge root. Soluble in Alcohol and DMSO. Situated in Xi'an Hi-tech Development Zone, Xi’an Sino-herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer & exporter specialized in pharmaceutical raw materials located in the Northwest of China. The major products of our company are Resveratrol, Paclitaxel, Genistein, Policosanol, Polydatin, Emodin, Galantamine[...]