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[Slovakia]PP Strapping

All kinds of PP Strapping to fix the goods on pallets. Machine Grade and also hand grade for lower price. Sizes from 5mm x 0.35mm to 16mm x 0.90mm. Colors: standard Black and White other colors for request Printing on the strap: per requested[...]


[Slovakia]PET strapping

PET Srapping Sizes: from 12mm x 0.50mm to 19mm x 1.1mm Standard color: Green Various coils diameter.[...]


[Slovakia]PES Strapping

PES Strapping Polyester Textile Strapping Sizes: 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm Standard color: white Printing: according to requested Breaking strenght from 280kg to 1050kg (for standard) PES strapping is used to fix heavy loads. Also we are selling full range on paper coils with low diameter which are used specially for bale presses.[...]


[Bulgaria]Buckets for packaging

Buckets PP for packaging of foodstuffs, paints, etc. Shape: round, oval, square. Volume 0,365 ltr. up to 18,0 ltr. Offset printing of labels. In-mold labelling available. Prompt delivery.[...]


[Poland]Soft loop handle bags

The soft loop handle bags are multi-usable and very Suitable for carrying voluminous. Many different color combinations That Contribute to the unique view of the bag you have chosen.These bags are Especially Suitable for carrying large clothes, boxes and etc. This kind of bag can be made by LDPE or MDPE. flekso printing is 6 colors thickness: 0.04-0.07 mm width: 350-600 mm height: 400-500 mm quantity of 10 000 pieces.[...]


[Poland]Plastic bag T-shirt

- Dimensions: width: 160-400 mm Side tab: 60-90 mm Height: 330-650 mm   - Thickness: Depending on the size of 9-15 microns - Printing: flexo 1 / 0-4 / 0 (ideally 1 / 1-4 / 4) Contact Folflex +48 89 751 35 87[...]


[China]vacuum packaging bag

These bags fit all most all of the sealing system that helps preserve food five times longer than conventional methods. They are made of three-ply construction with NY/PE composite membranes outer layers, a micro-holed inner membrane in the middle. They're patented and are freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. They're even durable enough to stand up to rapid boils for heating in a pan on the stove. Currently we have different kinds of vacuum bags, micro-holed, channel or flat. They are suitable[...]


[China]PE tube,Cosmetic tube,Soft tube,flip top cap tube,Unscrew cap tube,flexible tube

We are specializes in producing in cosmetic packaging, personal care, cleaning products, hotel amenities, food, pharmaceutical, pump, sprayer, trigger and caps etc. PE tube,Cosmetic tube,Soft tube,flip top cap tube,Unscrew cap tube,flexible tube,toothpaste tube,aluminium tube,screw cap,oval tube,twist off tube,Opthalmic Tube ,Plastic tube,PE tube,soft tube, cosmetic tube,flexible tube Advantages: layers from mono-layer to five-layer tube; shapes from round, oval to flat shape; diameters[...]


[Poland]Packaging foam Astro Foam

Packaging foam is one of the more versatile packaging materials in use today and is a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging such as corrugated paper. It can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from scuffing and abrasion. Converted products are an integral part of the Pregis product range and the overall service that we offer. Pregis is able to convert Astro Foam and laminates into a variety of value added products. Astro Foam®[...]


[Poland]Bubble film Astro Bubble

Protective bubble wrap is one of the most recognised protective packaging products on the market today. Air bubble film offers an economical, effective solution for void filling, interleaving, wrapping and cushioning protection. Our range of excellent quality, small and large bubble products include co-extruded films and converted products. Anti-static and laminated products are also available. Pregis has extensive conversion facilities and years of experience. We are able to convert our bubble[...]