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[Poland]Cam switches S...J

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series S 10, 16, 25, 32, 63, 100, 160 J are a new generation of switches in current line from 10 to 160A.
- small and unification switch sizes
- switching angle: 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º (preferential angle 60º - maximum 6 switching positions; angle 30º - maximum 12 switching positions)
- extended selection of electrical execution by catalogue
- maximum number of the switching chambers is 12 (24 contacts)
- all terminals and interconnections are protected against contact (IP20)
- all execution are produced to reach the protection mode of IP65 with delivery of the sealing elements designed with G to seal the shaft and fastening screws
- they are in accordance with EN 947-3, (EN 60 947-3, IEC 60 947-3), EN 60 204-7, VDE 0660
- they are in accordance with T32 requirements and they meet surrounding temperatures from -30º to +55º

- power switches for switching of motors with load in AC3, AC23
- switches in the auxiliary and measuring circuits
- connection of the resistance loads and electric furnances
- stage change-over switches of the transformers, welding machines
- switches with reversible position for testing purposes and single phase motors
- change-over switches, switches of YΔ, poles switching (speed) of multi-revolution motors
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