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[Poland]Internet Credit Card Authorisation System

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Internet Credit Card Authorisation System - this makes it possible to make a transaction on the Internet using a credit card as the means of payment.
An IT system made according to Internet technologies standards based on Java programming platform (Java servlets) in version 1.2.x.
Design pattern: MVC (Model-View-Controller).

Security mechanisms:
o SSL data encoding protocol;
o multilevel mechanism of data verification;
o system of data encoding designed by Webtel based on 256-bit "mixing algorithm".

Characteristic features of the IIPS system:
o scalability
providing the possibility of expanding the system without modernising it;
o flexibility
enabling parametring of all fundamental functional processes of the system, e.g. pre-defining characteristics of sending and receiving system program modules, configuration of encoding mechanisms, etc.;
o openness
this feature of the system ensures, by means of communication interfaces, co-operation with external IT systems and data stores (also those being heterogeneous with respect to the fundamental architectural concept of the IIPS system).

Basic applications:
o e-shops
o trade or company catalogues
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Model/Article number:IIPS- Interactive Internet Payment
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