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[Poland]WebCallCenter software

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WebCallCenter® has been created to enable a company's customer to contact it through its website. This software makes it possible to integrate infoline services with the Internet and manage incoming e-mails.

The following modules of the system are available:

CallMeBack / CallMeLater - the call-back service; the customer fills out the special form on the company website and indicates when he/she will be available on the phone. A company representative subsequently calls the person back on a given date and at a given time.

E-mail Answering - e-mail service - an e-mail message opens immediately on the monitor for the person running the application. Thanks to this a company is able to respond instantly to a customer's message.

WebChat - software enabling on-line conversation with Internauts.

All information coming from forms and contacts with customers is stored in a central database. In this way a history of contacts with customers is created; especially important from the company point of view.

Main advantages of applying the WebCallCenter® system in a company:
o higher level of consumer service;
o personalisation of contacts;
o building good customer relations;
o building a history of contacts with customers;
o support for sales of products and services;
o optimising consumer service costs;
o monitoring of operation of sales and consumer service departments;
o aiding the process of creating analyses and statistics;
o verification of marketing activities;

The system has a modular structure enabling proper configuration regarding the number of operated workstations and activities carried out at a given time.
The system includes:
o relational database
o WCC server - the central point of data processing, task authorisation and queuing
o Consultant's Console - an application enabling realisation of assignments connected with fulfilling a task
o Supervisor's Console - an application making it possible to monitor the consultant's work
o Expert's Console - an application presenting tasks too difficult for a given consultant to undertake. Such tasks will be finished by persons with greater knowledge in a given field
o Report Console - a mechanism reporting tasks within given campaigns and from subordinate consultants
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